Things to Know

一、Registration Procedure

Get Registration brochure


 Complete Student’s personal information online ( Due time will be informed via message)


Please prepare the following information in soft copy

 Household registry (parents and kid aren’t in the same household registry, need to upload it separate.)

2 inch photo of each person who picks up the kid.

 Declaration form of shuttle

 Declaration form of shuttle bus from school.

 Authorization agreement of children’s creation.

 Agreement of using iPads.

 Authorization agreement of ACH transfer (If you have already applied in kindergarten, you could keep using it )

二、New student check in procedure
(一)Preparation for checking in

 Come to school to know the campus and teacher

(二)Supplies needed for check in ( for ESL school )

 Toothpaste, toothbrush, water bottle with cover

 Tableware, inside shoes, sleeping bag, art shirt

 Mask (  in school bag)

 Raincoat ( in school bag)

 PE class need supplies: IEP-skates, L3- protector of soccer, L3&4- badminton racket

 Grade one need to prepare Chinese dictionary.