Transportation Options

(一)Pick-up Protocol
The kindergarten classes typically end at 4pm, and children either stay in the classroom to play in different corners or participate in after-school extra-curricular lessons while they wait for transportation which takes place up until 6pm. To improve the speed of student pick-ups and to prevent safety issues, there are volunteers and personnel who monitor and help out at the front gate. Also, the school has “MaMaCall” which is a PA system to let the child and the teacher know that the parent is on their way. The system requires you to register your mobile phone number so the system will recognize it. Also, you need to call the system 10 to 15 minutes prior to your arrival at the school for the student to be ready.  The call automatically hangs up 3 seconds after it’s connected. Make sure the “show incoming phone number” has been turned on in your mobile phone’s settings. When the system announces the child’s name, the teacher will assist the child to get ready and have him/her waiting at the front gate. Furthermore, to accommodate parents who work late, we take the remaining children to the AV room from 6:00 to 6:50pm to wait for their parents. As some parents must work later and we would like to help them, this service does not require an additional fee.

(二)Shuttle service 

The shuttle service provided by the school has a carefully organized schedule to avoid children traveling or waiting for long periods of time. The shuttles are all operated by licensed drivers and a kindergarten teacher accompanies the students to ensure safety and verify the number of students and their destinations.

Also, all shuttles are sterilized and checked regularly.

For the parents who require the shuttle service, please speak to the administrative staff in the main office to make the arrangements.